Welcome to my website

My Project, Aims and Goals:

  • A page full of links to websites I've found useful.
  • examples of what I've done with it.
  • Links to sites I've found amusing.


Like every gamer, I tried designing my own game. It was called Beyond Midnight and had a cute statistics system, which gave a clue to it's overall intended flavour, and skill centred experience that became more expensive as you progressed.
I've put what I have up for your amusement; with attributes that abbreviate to BRAZIL it's intended to be dark humour.

I realised, however, that GURPS 3e did the same thing, but better, albeit with 2 fewer attributes.
They've upgraded to 4e, which uses linear cost progression, but the 3d6 system makes this have non-linear effects
(double skill does not double your change of success).
So now I'm GURPS 4e all the way (except for house-rules:)).